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Pet Rehab Exercise Videos

Understanding Your Pet's Problems

Always consult your rehab specialist before trying these exercises at home. Depending on the specific needs of your pet, certain exercises might not be appropriate. Call us if you have questions.

Pick-Up Sticks

"Leeza" is doing a pet rehab exercise called "pick-up sticks."

The yellow bands help Leeza with "conscious proprioception" or knowing where her feet are in space, and also help trigger rear limb muscles to contract, both of which improve balance and mobility. 

Ajax Gains Strength & Mobility

Over a period of a few weeks, Ajax goes from struggling with this exercise designed to strengthen his hind limbs to practically running backwards. Notice how his balance improves.

Bo Works on Balance & Core  

This exercise not only puts all 4 limbs through full range of motion, but also helps with balance, core and limb strength, as well as helping with what we call “gait retraining."


“Gait” refers to a walk or jog or canter (slow run). Retraining can mean, for example, helping a dog move a front or hind limb forward and back normally vs the tendency in some dogs to swing the leg out to the side.


Stepping over the poles also helps dogs with “conscious proprioception”—knowing where their feet are in space—if their feet touch the poles, the sensation tells their brain to step over properly, helping with neurologic deficiencies if present.

In this video watch Bo progress

from having to be helped to stand on a single disc, to being able to stand on two discs, to supporting himself on 3 discs at once! This demonstrates impressive improvement in his overall balance and shows how all four legs gain stability as he regains strength.  

Canine Cavaletti Workout

Here we showcase a variety of our patients, each strutting their stuff through the cavaletti poles. Some are clearly more "advanced" than others, but all are making a valiant effort because, as we all know, there are few dogs that won't do just about anything if there's a "treat" waiting somewhere ahead...and we always make sure there is! 

Watch Go Dog Go patient “Zuko” practice his “around the world” move.


This therapeutic exercise strengthens his left gluteal and thigh muscles in order to help with his arthritic hip.

Cooper Doing "The Cookie Stretch."


The cookie stretch exercise helps lateral (side to side) spine flexibility and also aids weight bearing in rear legs. When Cooper does his cookie stretch to the left, for example, his weight shifts to his right rear leg. Going for peanut butter in a cup makes it worth his while!

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