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Titus's Story

Domonique J.

Seattle, WA



Dr. Wendy is a knowledgable professional with a passion for helping canine companions be their best doggie selves. We highly recommend her for helping your best buddy get back into top shape.  Our Lab also thinks she is the best, and we aren't sure if that is because of the peanut butter treats or the fact he can sprint around the dog park again.

When our 8-year old Lab tore his CCL, our vet recommended TPLO surgery. We immediately went into research mode learning not only about the operation but the importance of the recovery process.  The big takeaways in our research included this surgery was our dog's best chance at regaining functional use of his leg, that the recovery process could take as long as six months, that our Lab had a 50/50 chance of needing the same surgery in the other leg, and that we were two overwhelmed doggy parents. Thankfully are referred vet recommended Dr. Wendy for post TPLO rehabilitation.

When we walked into the Go Dog Go Rehab office, at six weeks post-surgery, we were frazzled. The weeks after TPLO surgery, we obsessively tried to keep an 80lb lab from moving too much, and we worried every little thing would cause an injury that would delay recovery. Dr. Wendy greeted us with a warm smile and encouraging words; we had not been doing everything wrong.  Each week Dr. Wendy's treatment plan included laser treatments, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), manual physical therapy exercises, and sending us home with easy activities to do during the week to keep building his strength.  She even gave us videos of our Lab doing the exercises with her during their session, so we knew what it looked like being done correctly.   Having Dr. Wendy in our corner during recovery meant we always had tools and knowledge to help our Lab recover....More

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Link to review Go Dog Go Canine Rehab Therapyon Google

Go Dog Go Canine Rehab

13603 100th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA


3 reviews

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5 reviews

My dog loves seeing Dr. Wendy Bernstein at Go Dog Go! My dog is almost 15 and has had numerous issues affecting her mobility, including vestibular episodes, muscle weakness, arthritis and spine degeneration. After a couple sessions here and …More


Annie Hyatt

5 reviews

Dr. Wendy has helped our Chihuahua mix get back to his old self after back surgery. He was dragging a leg a bit 2 months after the surgery and had no stamina on walks. Now he has never walked better! …More


Colleen Lamb

Local Guide · 14 reviews

I highly recommend Dr Wendy Bernstein. If I could, I would rate 10 out of 5 stars! She is a dedicated professional canine rehabilitation specialist and veterinarian who has helped my dog Shalee and I very much. In addition to a custom …More

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