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What Clients Say About Our Canine Rehab Therapy

Pet Rehab Reviews from Our Clients

Dr. Wendy is a knowledgeable professional with a passion for helping canine companions be their best doggie selves. We highly recommend her for helping your best buddy get back into top shape.  Our Lab also thinks she is the best, and we aren't sure if that is because of the peanut butter treats or the fact he can sprint around the dog park again.

When our 8-year old Lab, Titus, tore his CCL, our vet recommended TPLO surgery. We immediately went into research mode learning not only about the operation but the importance of the recovery process.  The big takeaways in our research included this surgery was our dog's best chance at regaining functional use of his leg, that the recovery process could take as long as six months, that our Lab had a 50/50 chance of needing the same surgery in the other leg, and that we were two overwhelmed doggy parents. Thankfully are referred vet recommended Dr. Wendy for post TPLO rehabilitation. 

When we walked into the Go Dog Go Rehab office, at six weeks post-surgery, we were frazzled. The weeks after TPLO surgery, we obsessively tried to keep an 80lb lab from moving too much, and we worried every little thing would cause an injury that would delay recovery. Dr. Wendy greeted us with a warm smile and encouraging words; we had not been doing everything wrong. Each week Dr. Wendy's treatment plan included laser treatments, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), manual physical therapy exercises, and sending us home with easy activities to do during the week to keep building his strength.  She even gave us videos of our Lab doing the exercises with her during their session, so we knew what it looked like being done correctly.   Having Dr. Wendy in our corner during recovery meant we always had tools and knowledge to help our Lab recover.

Titus's Rehab Therapy. See His Video Here.

After six months post TPLO surgery, we are

happy to report that Titus is better than he was before the surgery and he's had an overall improvement in his core strength helping him to regain full use of his operated leg and stave off any issues in his non-operate leg. We know this wouldn't have been possible without Dr. Wendy's expertise, guidance, and support along the way.


When you work with Dr. Wendy, you'll get someone who genuinely cares about ensuring your pup gets to their best physical self, someone who takes the time to build a thoughtful rehab plan that addresses the needs of your dog and someone who openly listens to your concerns and gives you positive feedback and support during the rehab process.  We're so grateful to Dr. Wendy for getting our Lab back to being a fully active member of our family.

Dominique & Juleon

Dominic - Juleon - Titus.jpg
Titus - intensive canine rehab after knee surgery

Hi Doc Wendy -


"Thank you for helping our sweet Casey battle back from vestibular disease and a back injury. At 14 1/2 years young, the odds of her recovering a quality life weren't in her favor. Thankfully, her will to live met with your skilled rehabilitation to help her regain her core strength, balance and mobility. Not only did you treat her in the rehabilitation appointments but also guided us with how we could further the progress in between sessions with easy-to-follow agility, balance and stretching exercises. The best testimonial was Casey's exuberant tail wagging of appreciation when she felt better.

Thank you endlessly for the great care you provided and life you gave back to Casey (and us)."


Barb Steeves 

Ellen Betzler

The "cookie stretch" pet therapy exercise

Bruné has thrived under the care of Dr. Wendy Bernstein at Go-Dog-Go Canine Rehab. He was having significant pain from narrowed disc spaces in his lower spine and left hip osteoarthritis. Dr. Bernstein and I discussed a treatment plan, which included exercise, laser, PEMF and TENS therapies, along with dietary supplements. After every visit I received a detailed evaluation, assessment and treatment plan with information and in-person instructions for exercises to do at home.

Due to this therapy, rehabilitation and at home exercises, Bruné’s strength has returned and the pain resolved. I can’t say enough about the care given and detailed knowledge that Dr. Bernstein has provided during the rehabilitation of Bruné. I am truly grateful.

Michelle Neves

Brune building his pet core

“Doc Wendy,

We are very pleased with the rehab and therapy treatments you have been providing our golden retriever, Juno, over the last year. On top of Juno's crippling arthritis he's had since he was 1, this year has brought on a joint infection, partial tail amputation, vestibular disease and a broken leg. He has bounced back from each of these problems in part because of your fabulous therapy!


You have performed passive range of motion, laser therapy, and cavaletti work among other therapies. He loved the PEMF bed you used so much that we went out and bought one for home use! Juno is nearly 14, and thanks to your rehab services, he is still a healthy puppy at heart and loves being with his family, which is all we truly want.”

Bill & Patty Bredice

Laser therapy speeding recovery from knee surgery

“Since working with Dr. Bernstein we’ve seen remarkable improvements in Tucker’s flexibility, energy level, and overall comfort. Dr. Bernstein analyses and treatment plans are well-thought out, effective, and most importantly, doable!”


We’re trying to be much better this month about carrying out Tucker’s treatment plan. At the end of the month we will be purchasing the PEMF mat from the other client you introduced me to. (They had promised to loan it to a friend until the end of October.) We are hoping that this helps him maintain his gains from his once a month treatments."

Ellie Peterson

Rehab patient working on core and balance
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